How Can I Improve My Smile?

How Can I Improve My Smile?

cosmetic dentist Plantation FLIt happens all the time, we look in the mirror and realize that we are not quite satisfied with what we see. Maybe there are a few spacing issues or stains that diminish the beauty of your smile. Or maybe time has taken its toll leaving a dull, lackluster smile in your reflection. If this is the case, it’s time to talk to a cosmetic dentist about your options.

Discoloration, Cracked and Chipped Teeth Can be Corrected

If a whiter, brighter smile is what you’re after, then consider professional whitening options. Whitening at the dentist offers results which simply cannot be achieved with over the counter products. Store bought products are often delicate and unstable. Professional whitening options offer dramatic results which are permanent and can often be achieved immediately.

Porcelain crowns and veneers can restore crooked, broken or chipped teeth to a lovely uniform look you will want to show off. Tooth colored filling can replace older amalgam fillings and fill cavities. Missing teeth can even be replaced with dental implants which function like natural teeth for a flawless smile that people will notice. There are many corrective options to beautify a smile.

Invisalign Can Rejuvenate a Smile

If you struggle with crooked teeth, crowding or spacing issues then you may want to talk with your cosmetic dentist about Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of custom made clear aligners which are designed to be worn up to twenty-two hours per day until it is time to move to the next in the series. The aligners gently move teeth to the desired position without the use of metal or wires.

Patients love these clear aligners because they are comfortable, discrete and removeable. They can be taken out to brush and eat so it is not necessary to adjust the oral hygiene routine at home. There are no diet restrictions and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

If you have decided that your smile needs a makeover, call our team at Palms Dental today. There are many corrective options available to help you restore your smile to a bright, uniform appearance.