My Front Teeth Were Accidentally Knocked Out! What Do I Do?

My Front Teeth Were Accidentally Knocked Out! What Do I Do?

dental emergency Plantation FLIf you experience a dental emergency such as knocked-out teeth or a facial injury, you should see your family dentist as soon as possible for treatment. If teeth are knocked out, preserve them in a cup of water or milk and take them with you to your appointment. In the case of knocked-out teeth, the sooner you can see the dentist, the better.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen at any time to anyone regardless of age. They are most common among toddlers and people who play contact sports. This type of injury can also occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident or a fall. If you experience a dental emergency or any type of severe injury to your face or mouth, you should see an emergency dentist, a doctor, or your family dentist right away.

Less serious types of dental emergencies can involve loss of a crown or a filling, minor damage to the tooth such as chipping or cracking, or minor lacerations to the lips or tongue. If you’ve lost a crown or a filling, see your family dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can hold the filling or crown in place with denture adhesive or with a drop of toothpaste. Minor injuries can often heal on their own, so use your best judgment. Major injuries involving head trauma, extensive bleeding, or broken bones should always be evaluated by a medical professional.

Staying Prepared for a Dental Emergency

Being prepared for a dental emergency can greatly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. One way to stay prepared is to have a special first-aid kit on hand that is specifically designed to help with this type of injury. A kit should contain:

  • The phone number of your nearest emergency room and emergency dentist
  • Contact information for your family dentist
  • Gauze to stanch any bleeding
  • A cup or a special kit to preserve a knocked-out tooth
  • Toothpaste or denture adhesive
  • Antiseptic mouthwash

With these items at hand, you will be better able to respond quickly, ensuring a better outcome. Contact our team at Palms Dental to learn more!